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Dr. Una Forde

“The Gentle Chiropractor”
Born in California and raised in Barbados, a beautiful island in the Caribbean, Dr. Forde became interested in chiropractic while earning a degree in bio-medical sciences from Montana State University in 1986. She moved to Minneapolis to attend Northwestern College of Chiropractic (now Northwestern Health Sciences University) in Bloomington, Minnesota, where she earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1991. She opened her own practice in 1991.

Further study in healing methods such as certification in acupuncture, Brain Gym techniques and Health Kinesiology added to her body of healing knowledge. From that she developed her treatment philosophy, which is based on The Triad of Health.

“I believe that proper balance in three areas is important for good health,” she said. “When our physical, emotional and biochemistry structures are out of balance, illness and/or disease can occur. Proper balance is affected by physical injury, unmet or untreated emotional issues, naturally occurring illnesses and environmental factors.”

Dr. Forde believes when your body is balanced it is more able to heal itself under the guidance of the body’s own innate healing wisdom. Pain is usually the last sign that your body is blocked from healing itself and the first thing to go away during the healing process.

Proper chiropractic treatment begins when the cause of the imbalance is addressed. Dr. Forde’s treatments remove the blocks so your body can heal and return to balanced health.

Her unique skills have earned her the title, “The Gentle Chiropractor.”

Dr. Forde provides customized treatment for each patient. You can be assured that you will receive the care you need.

Her training in kinesiology gives her insight into each patient’s general health. She can recognize vitamin or mineral deficiencies and prescribe a diet or supplement treatment to improve your bio chemistry – an important part of The Triad of Health. Health kinesiology is also used to treat stressful or emotional situations.

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